Pin Stripe or 3 Color Bowstring or Sets


We have been building custom bowstrings and sets since 2oo4, each custom bowstring is built to how you want your bow to look with the colors of your choice including the serving material right down the nock fit. Its your custom bowstring or set were building and we build it to how you want it.

If you wish to have a recurve or just a compound 3 color pinstripe string only enter the length for that string and do not choose cable options.  If you have a compound and want the entire set you will need to choose the cable options for your bow. 



We build our custom bowstrings with the highest quality materials made. From Mercury, BCY X-99 and 452X. There are not any better strings on the market at this time. All strings and cables are pre stretched and served under tension to help prevent serving slipping, and stretching under a certain time and pressure helps in building a string and cable set that is perfect.

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