Dual Cam Bowstrings or Sets


We build our dual cam custom bowstrings with the highest quality materials made. We offer options in Mercury, Rhino, BCY X-99 and 452X. There are no finer materials on the market. All custom bowstrings and custom made cables are pre-stretched and served under tension to help prevent serving slipping, and stretching under a certain time and pressure helps in building a custom bowstring and custom cable set that is perfect.  Strings starting at $35.00 


NOTE:   All dual cam bows either have 1 bowstring and 1 Buss Cable and 1 Control Cable, or 1 bowstring and  2 Buss Cables, or 1 bowstring and 2 Control Cables and then there are the exceptions like Prime bows with 1 bowstring and  2 control cables and 2 yoke cables,  Then there are the Uni Buss systems Or Binary Page which consist of 1 bowstring and 2 control cables and 2 short yoke cables and then there is the new Hoyt REDWRK bows where you have 1 bowstring and 1 Buss Cable with 1 short Yoke Cable and 1 Control Cable.  

If you have any questions please use the contact us page and we can make sure you get the correct string and cables you need.  https://extremebowstrings.com/contact/



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