String Material Special



We build our dual cam bowstrings with the highest quality materials made.  For our Special were using the materials  Xcel and Bcy 8190.  There are no finer materials on the market.  All strings and cables are pre-stretched and served under tension to help prevent serving slipping, and stretching under a certain time and pressure helps in building a string and cable set that is perfect. Once the material color is gone we will no longer be selling it. 



We got a great deal on some string material and were passing this on to our customers. When the color is gone we will exclude it from the selection. This sale includes every make and model of bow  which is for Single cam and Dual Cam bows. Unfortunately there is a add on for those bows with the separate yokes. 

Single Cam = 1 string and 1 buss cable

Dual Cam = 1 string 2 buss cables, 1 string 1 buss cable and 1 control cable, 1 string and 2 control cables. And for those super hybrid bows like the new hoyts and the Monsters and PSE Shootdown the price does change for the separate yokes. 1 string and 2 control cable and 2 separate yokes or 1 string 1 buss cable and 1 control cable and 1 separate yoke.

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