Does direction of string twist cause arrow to twist that direction


So there is quite alot of discussion about this topic.  So consider your vanes first, the helical or slight twist of the feathers or vanes is what causes the arrow to spin in the direction of the angle or twist as the arrow is shot and passes through the air on its way to your target.  Now take a look at your string, if the so called twist of the string is to cause the arrow to spin or twist in that direction then your string would have to be at a bind so as it unloads its energy into the arrow it would cause it to twist. Which is really impossible for your peep sight would be spinning continually and never be in a position to see through it, and the dloop would also show the same spinning around as the peep sight.  The next part of the equation is that it would be spinning in the vertical direction and not the horizontal position as the arrow sits.  The last thing to look at for proof is your nock to string connection.  The center serving as it sits inside of the nock is loose for the nock is barley hanging on to the string by the teeth which under slight force should clip on and off the string.  So even if the string in the slighest way was to cause the arrow to spin with the loose connection of the nock to string the string would only spin inside the the nock.  And lets say your nock was on super tight, if the string caused the arrow to spin it would flip the arrow off the rest either hitting the riser or falling completly off the shelf.  So NO the twist of the string either clockwise or counter clockwise will not cause the arrow to spin in that direction.

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