How do i measure a single cam set?


When measuring your string start with the total length A (0-98), then measure the end serving closest to the center serving, B (0-16) then if you have a STS system measure that, C (22-24) if not then C is the next measurement. Now measure the center serving C or D (26-31 1/2) then the serving that goes over the idler wheel D or E (44-61) then measure the final end serving E or F (0-8)

Do the same measuring for your Buss Cable A = Total Length A (0-45) Now measure the serving end of the cable connected to the Cam B= (0-8) Now measure from the Yoke Ends to the string serving. C= (0-8) And now finish measuring the serving from the start of the serving at the yoke to where it ends D =(8-10)

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